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  • 딥인사이트, ‘인공지능 기반 안전 운송 솔루션 개발’ 업무협약 체결


Deep-In-sight Inc., an AI-based 3D sensing solutions company led by CEO Oh Eun-song, announced on the 7th that it has signed a "collaborative agreement for the development of AI-based safety transportation solutions" with a consortium composed of MetaSolution Inc., a specialized platform developer for steel cargo transportation, Pohang University of Science and Technology's AI Research Institute, and GBSoft, a non-contact biosignal measurement solution company.

Deep-In-sight Inc., MetaSolution Inc., Pohang University of Science and Technology's AI Research Institute, and GBSoft., each developing their own solutions, plan to showcase smart transportation technologies that can contribute to improving safety and efficiency in the domestic transportation industry through this collaborative agreement.

Deep-In-sight Inc., will utilize its AI-based In-Cabin Monitoring System (ICMS) in driver safety management for the cargo transportation industry. The ICMS developed by Deep-In-Sight Inc. is an enhanced technology compared to conventional Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) in terms of functionality, stability, and compatibility. It helps detect and prevent major accidents caused by driver fatigue, lack of attention, and forward gaze negligence in cargo vehicles. It can accurately recognize the driver's state with up to 99% accuracy even in low-light or night-time conditions or when wearing glasses.

Oh Eun-song, CEO of DeepInsight Inc., who participated in the collaborative agreement ceremony, stated, "Deep-In-Sight's In-Cabin Monitoring System can be applied to recognize the state of cargo transportation drivers, and it can help prevent accidents that could potentially cause significant damages in the cargo transportation industry." He added, "We will make every effort, along with the consortium participants including our company, to enhance the safety of South Korea's cargo transportation industry and establish a sales foundation."

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