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  • DEEP IN SIGHT Selected as One of the Top 100 Promising Companies in the Mobility Sector


DEEP IN SIGHT, an AI-powered 3D sensing solution startup, announced on the 25th that it has been selected as the first mobility company for the '2024 Emerging AI+X Top'.

The Emerging AI+X TOP100, organized by the Intelligent Information Industry Association, refers to the top 100 promising domestic companies with expected future value. It selects companies based on criteria such as growth potential and innovation, focusing on the future value of their technology and business. In other words, it identifies early-stage companies through investment in business models that will lead future innovation through the convergence of AI-based industries.

DEEP IN SIGHT has been selected as a leading company in the development of in-cabin monitoring systems applying AI technology in the mobility sector, the first of its kind in Korea. While most domestic mobility startups aim for AI-based solutions targeting autonomous driving level 4 (full automation under specific conditions), DEEP IN SIGHT's in-cabin monitoring system 'Camosys' has been highly evaluated for its ability to prevent problems related to 'driving stability and safety', which are emphasized in the era of autonomous driving.

Camosys is a deep learning-based in-vehicle safety solution that considers the safety and convenience of not only the driver but also the occupants in the first and second rows. It helps dramatically reduce traffic accident fatalities by recognizing factors such as Face ID, front gaze inattention, drowsy driving and decreased concentration, smartphone usage, leftover items or children in the second row, etc. Even in adverse conditions such as low light, direct sunlight, or night time, it accurately recognizes the driver and passengers' faces.

Oh Eun-song, CEO of DEEP IN SIGHT, stated, "Our in-cabin monitoring system, Camosys, has been recognized as a safety and convenience solution by more than 140 companies visiting our booth at CES 2024. We are actively discussing the application of our solution in commercial vehicle models of domestic Tier 1 & OEM companies." He further added, "As the smart factory, smart building, and construction markets expand globally, and AI technology is applied to various industries, we aim to introduce Camosys, which serves as the 'eyes' of construction machinery such as forklifts and excavators, in those fields to reduce fatalities and ensure safety."